Accounting Services

Harnessing our deep experience serving companies of every size and in nearly every industry, we understand the risks, challenges, and opportunities posed by transactions and emerging regulations. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking to keep your finances in check,
ReCapital Tax Solutions professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients from basic bookkeeping to complex accounting issues, we’re here to handle your finances with integrity and accuracy.

ReCapital Tax Solutions
We help you find more
time to focus on
increasing your business,
while keeping your
Bookkeeping and Accounts operations
ReCapital Tax Solutions
Our tax expertise ensures
that your corporate tax returns are
filed accurately and comply with
all tax laws and regulations,
while also taking into account the
best tax minimization strategies
for your business.
ReCapital Tax Solutions
Complexities abound when
determining the income tax
obligations of a business.
With constantly changing
rules and regulations,
companies can unintentionally be at
risk of noncompliance.
ReCapital Tax Solutions
Depending on the level of
revenues and whether there are employees,
a business may have to register
with government for
a name and Business Number (BN).
This allows it to continue
operating legally and
receive proper tax treatment.
ReCapital Tax Solutions
ReCapital Tax Solutions is
experienced and can prepare
your personal tax return flawlessly.
Our personal tax return Canada
preparation is extended to employees,
sole proprietors, investors,
non residents, and more.
ReCapital Tax Solutions
We assist corporations,
small businesses, SMEs, and
self employed individuals
with HST filing.
We understand the
importance of CRA HST deadlines
and compliance and the
impact these have on
your business operations.